Just like in 2014, cyber criminals have made a mockery of corporate networks, and executed shocking data breaches during the first three quarters of 2015. Here are five notable businesses that were hacked in 2015:

Anthem Health Insurance

In February 2015, hackers managed to access 80 million patient and employee records by compromising the corporate network of Anthem Health Insurance, the second largest health insurer in the US. This data breach exposed the Social Security numbers, email addresses, dates of birth, health-care ID numbers, home addresses, income data, and employment data of about 80 million Americans. According to the Wall Street Journal, Anthem had not encrypted consumer data.

Ashley Madison

In July 2015, The Impact Team, a hacking group, released data containing up to 37 million names, email addresses, and credit card details of members of the illicit affair site called Ashley Madison. Among those exposed were multiple US government officials and celebrities like Josh Duggar.

Premera Blue Cross

In March 2015, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield announced that hackers had accessed 11.2 million patient records. The compromised data included Social Security numbers, home addresses, names, dates of birth, and other bits of identifying subscriber data. An article published by the Seattle Times said Premera was warned in 2014 that its IT systems were vulnerable to hacking, but failed to shore up its cyber security.


The password manager program LastPass was hacked in 2015 by cyber criminals as well. In this case, hackers accessed the email addresses, authentication hashes, encrypted passwords, and password reminder phrases of LastPass’ users.


On October 1, 2015, media outlets reported that Experian had been hacked by cyber criminals who managed to access the records of 15 million consumers. The compromised data contained the passport numbers, Social Security numbers, names, driver’s license details, and addresses of consumers.

In 2015, cyber criminals have been busy hacking into the corporate networks of large businesses, including Experian, Anthem Health Insurance, LastPass, Ashley Madison, and Premera Blue Cross. To avoid losing confidential business data, you should ensure that you and your company only use secure web hosting services, and follow through with necessary updates and the required measures needed to ensure security.