When you own a business, whether large or small, you need web hosting that is reliable, secure, and has little to no downtime. While some Houston businesses are satisfied with the typical shared hosting, others are finding that the best, and most secured, web hosting comes from a dedicated server.

A dedicated server is web hosting that provides the website owner with exclusive service. The reliability of your service does not depend on how much traffic other sites are getting, because your server is exclusive to your websites and databases.

Hosting that offers dedicated services will monitor your server’s performance at all times, and is on constant lookout for problems with security. This is why exclusivity matters.

Unlike shared hosting, security glitches cannot travel from another person’s website to your own. You don’t share your hosting. When someone hacks into a site with a shared hosting plan, there is the possibility that a means of travel can be opened and penetrate through to other websites sharing the same hosting service. The more websites on a shared network, the more chances there are that your website will be vulnerable to attack. Exclusivity allows you to feel more secure about your website use and databases.

Although it is true that dedicated servers may have to deal with compromises in security, the chances are lower; and if your Houston hosting is reliable, you can relax and allow yourself to focus on running your business. The majority, if not all, of your security issues will be caught and taken care of before they become a problem.

A good Houston web hosting company will take every measure to ensure that your website is secure and that everything runs smoothly, regardless of whether you opt for shared or dedicated service. When looking for the best in quality hosting services, pay close attention to posted public reviews, the terms of service offered, and the security measures taken to ensure that your website is safe, and continues to run smoothly for you- as well as, your current and prospective customers.

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