Web hosting providers in Houston understand how any website can become a target for hackers; and, it doesn’t even need to have millions of users or databases full of credit card numbers to become targeted. Malicious individuals benefit from hacking in many different ways.


Even if your site’s users only enter their passwords to access an online forum or post classified ads, a hacker could use stolen log-in details to infiltrate financial accounts. Unfortunately, many people enter the same passwords on multiple websites.

Personal Info

If your website has a database with any kind of private information about people, criminals might use it to commit identity theft. For example, they could potentially benefit from birth dates, mailing addresses, Social Security numbers, or maiden names.


Some hackers secretly add promotional redirects, or links to victims’ websites. They receive commissions when products are sold through this illicit form of advertising. The links may promote scams or illegal services.

Shared Servers

If your hosting provider stores multiple websites on the same server, a hacker may find it easier to invade fellow customers’ sites after hacking into yours. Other websites on the server might receive greater traffic or contain more valuable data.


Although this is a less common motivation, individuals with hacking skills might benefit from gaining access to proprietary information or script codes. They could replicate an exclusive feature of your website, or sell it to an unscrupulous competitor.


If your website contains email accounts, or any type of private messaging system, a hacker may be able to read confidential messages in a database. This might create opportunities for blackmail or corporate espionage.

Basically, most websites have data, traffic, or programming codes that hackers could benefit from. It is vital for Houston business owners to minimize the risk by taking adequate security measures, and choosing reputable Web hosting providers that can help maintain the tightest security options available.