Hackers can gain private information, such as the credit card details of your clients when they conduct transactions of goods purchased from your online shop. They can also use your website for hosting and sharing illegal things, such as pirated software, if they manage to get hold of your login information. Therefore, you should always check for web hosting security measures implemented by the hosting company whose services you plan to use; particularly if you are setting up an online store for selling goods and services. Here are some tips that will help you determine if your website is secure.

  • Check if the URL of your site starts with an `https’ instead of `http.’ The additional `s’ means secure. You should also see a closed lock symbol on the navigation bar of your browser while browsing through your site. You can double click on this symbol to find details of the site’s security.
  • Check if the hosting company has included an SSL (secure socket layer) on your site. This information should be displayed on the index page. This means that the site encrypts all data originating from the browser to it and vice versa. You should also check for logos, such as `secured by Verisign.’
  • Pop up ads, appearing while browsing through your site are a sure sign of security infringement. This means that hackers have infiltrated your website and inserted codes that generate such ads.
  • Request your friends to create an account on your web based store. If it is secure, its online form will prohibit them from completing the sign up process unless they include at least one upper case and one special symbol in the password.

Remember, hackers have been able to hack secure sites in the past, including those of banks. They can do the same with your website too, irrespective of the strength of the web hosting security. Therefore, maintain an updated backup of all its contents on a separate computer. This will allow you to quickly restore your website, after requesting the hosting agency to block security loopholes. The Disaster Recovery Plan we offer at C1 Web Hosting does just that. Contact us for more information.