More and more people are joining the affiliate bandwagon in the hope of earning additional income, by promoting products of others and earning a handsome sum in commission. Many of those individuals have just started their online venture and do not have the capital required for hosting their website on a dedicated server, or need the security provided by it. Their best option is to opt for pocket friendly, shared server plans, offered by web hosting Houston companies.

Why should you opt for a shared server?

Shared hosting plans drastically reduce the cost of hosting your website, since web hosting companies use the same server to host multiple websites on a single server; which is connected to the internet via a high speed backbone. This means that all websites hosted on that server share its operating costs.

Will this option reduce the speed of my website?

Theoretically, the speed of your website can suffer if all websites hosted on a shared server use all of its processing power and bandwidth. However, this situation rarely occurs if the administrators of the hosting agency configure the server properly, to ensure proper distribution of its resources to all websites hosted on it.

Is my data secure?

Most people believe that shared servers are not secure. This is a reality if you decide to use the services of a fly by night operator. However, you need not worry about security issues when you select a reputable web hosting Houston company. Their system administrators take care to isolate each user’s server activities so that no one can access or modify files of other users.

What about bandwidth and storage space?

Good hosts have a fair usage policy that provides you with more bandwidth, storage space, and email accounts than you would require. Although there are some disadvantages of such hosting plans, such as the limited resources at your disposal, the pros of shared web hosting outweigh the cons for most users. Contact us today to find out about our hosting plans.