Don’t feel surprised if you find a slump in your ad revenues, generated by your WordPress plugin, even if you update it on a regular basis and apply security patches. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Can you imagine the scenario if a hacker steals the database of your clients that you have painstakingly built over the years? You could lose commissions gained by selling products to those clients if the hacker offers them a higher commission. This is what you should expect when you try to save money by opting for an unreliable web hosting service, instead of paying a bit more for secure web hosting.

A horrendous scenario

You have just uploaded an amazing new digital product and have posted its details in a specific folder on your WordPress powered site, and its download link on a different folder on the same site. If you are not careful, a hacker can easily find the download link of the digital link by using simple search queries like yoursitename.domain/(search query), download the products, and share them on black hat sites, resulting in loss of revenue. Stop hackers dead in their tracks by choosing a secure web hosting company.

Backdoors and authentication

Hackers use several techniques for bypassing authentication, which includes creating a backdoor in WordPress plugins; particularly the poorly coded ones that have their own vulnerabilities. This allows hackers to regain access to your site even if you have changed the path of your download folder. You can prevent this disaster by opting for secure web hosting from a reputable hosting agency. The specialists will scan your site to find traces of malicious code and clean it. If necessary, they will delete the plugins directory, recreate it, and reinstall the plugins from scratch. They will also scan your database for spam links, new administrative accounts, etc., and remove them. Secure your WP site today!