The ballooning problem with hacking, and the ever-increasing incidents of cyber crime, make it abundantly clear that secure web hosting is a vital tool in safely utilizing the Internet. It is a major weapon against malicious hacking, which affects the electronic security of individuals and businesses alike.

Consider the following seven shocking statistics on cyber theft and hacking:

  1. An estimated three quarters of U.S. Internet users have been victims of some kind of unapproved Internet activity that resulted in a cyber crime.
  2. During the past five years, nearly 28 million Americans have had their identity stolen in some fashion. In the past year alone, that number reached 9 million.
  3. In just the one year of 2008, more than $1 trillion in intellectual property worldwide was snagged by hackers who were able to enter confidential files that were kept on enterprise systems.
  4. Those who have an easy-to-remember password of six figures, all lower case, should know that it takes a professional hacker only about 10 minutes to crack. That time frame expands to three years with just the addition of a couple of letters, with a few upper case thrown in for good measure.
  5. It takes an average of 156 days from the time a computer resource has been hacked and compromised to the discovery of the problem. That gives a hacker more than five months to steal information at will before anyone notices they are there and starts to do something about it.
  6. About 90 percent of all businesses have had their computers compromised in the past year, according to a recent survey, with 77 percent saying it has happened more than once. Most of these attacks are linked directly to an infection by malware.
  7. Malware infects an estimated 30,000 web sites every day, according to researchers. Most of these sites belong to small businesses. Without proper protection, these sites could be shut down by the hosting firm or they could be eliminated from search engines.

Cyber security provided through constantly updated and secure web hosting, is one way businesses and their customers can fight against becoming the next victim of a hacker. It can bring peace of mind to most any jaunt through the Internet.