Cloud servers present numerous advantages to businesses across all industries. This explains why so many firms are taking advantage of web hosting as it helps to improve cash flow and increases efficiency. Whether your business is in the busy streets of Houston, or the suburbs of Albany, it’s hard to ignore the merits of cloud computing. Here are the top 3 benefits of a cloud server.


The ability to quickly meet the demands of any business easily, tops the list of benefits of cloud computing. Cloud Servers are ideal for businesses with fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands. If your company grows and your needs increase, it’s easy to scale up your cloud capacity without upgrades and capital intensive hardware purchases to meet the change in demand.  The flexibility and level of agility this brings can place you a step ahead of your competitors.


The loss of hardware, such as laptops and portable devices, is a significant business problem. And a higher risk of losing such expensive devices is the loss of sensitive data. Thanks to Cloud computing you have greater security in such cases. Cloud service providers protect your data by performing advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, automatic backups, identity and access management controls, and physical protection. They also enable continuous auditing of their infrastructure, and constantly perform penetration testing to meet applicable IT security industry standards.

Disaster recovery

Companies relying on cloud servers for disaster recovery issues can quickly get back to normal operations due to faster recovery efforts. Cloud service providers facilitate business continuity by having integrated recovery plans and procedures in place. This makes everything easier for most small companies that don’t have the financial muscle to invest in robust disaster recovery. Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions also avoid large upfront investments, save time, and come with third party expertise as a package.

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